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2022-07-30 : Sree Manju Hospitals

Sree Manju Hospital is one of the best Gynecology hospitals in Kukatpally, Kphb. Our reputation rests on the quality of care provided by our highly qualified gynecologist doctors, to a large number of satisfied patients.

Although we take the right care from experts, regardless of our health condition, monitoring what we eat is much more important to embrace a healthy and quality life. Some of the major parts of healing start with the kind of food we choose, on the other hand, to not let the ailment go to its adverse effects, a proper diet plan is crucial. One such health problem that needs intense care in terms of food is gestational diabetes. 

Gestational diabetes is a condition of high blood sugar levels in the body. It is mainly caused because of alteration of insulin levels in the body, during pregnancy especially the body can't be able to produce enough insulin, which leads to obesity and gestational diabetes. 

Signs or Symptoms of gestational diabetes: 

  • Sugar urination 
  • Tiredness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Overweight 
  • Nausea 
  • Extreme thirst 
  • Infections on the skin and vaginal parts 
  • Frequent urination 

Anyone who is suffering from these unhealthy conditions must be so sure of what they take orally. Usually, this is caused by females during pregnancy. Pregnant women must have a careful watch on what they allow into their bodies, hence a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes be so cautious about food. Sree Manju Hospitals experts recommend a diet plan to all the gestational diabetes patients in this guide, have a glance into the guide to lead a healthy pregnancy period and enjoy the motherhood journey. You can prevent gestational diabetes to a great extent by measuring the food intake, avoiding certain foods that worsen the condition, and preferring certain main courses. For a healthy pregnancy with a normal range of labor and easy delivery, one must listen to the expert's suggestions and follow them throughout the pregnancy. It's not easy as said, However, consistency is very crucial in this particular period of time. Remember that you are giving a human life, be sure you do the best for their existence. You have to choose a wide variety of food supplements that help you set right your overall wellness along with regulating gestational diabetes. There will be two types of people, vegan and non-vegan, if you are vegan check out the foods you must choose are: 

Small amounts to Moderate level foods for Vegan: 

Fruits,  Vegetables (Broccoli, Green beans, Onions, Cucumber, peppers),  Proteins, Rice, Grains, Cereals, Corn, Pasta, Peas, Bread, Milk & Dairy 

Small amounts to Moderate level foods for Non-vegan: 

Non-vegan can include all the vegan foods at a moderate level along with that, they can add some other foods such as limited servings 

Meat, Eggs, Pork, Turkey, Dry beans, Lean beef, Fish 

On an important NOTE: Remember people who are subjected to gestational diabetes should not skip their meals and daily snacks. 

Here is the list of properly maintained data from morning to night diet plans for patients with gestational diabetes 

Morning Breakfast: 

Bread ( 1 - slice ) 

Cereals (¼ cup ) 

Grains such as oats ( ¼ cup) 

Fruit juice without sugar( 1 glass) 

Milk ( 1 tea cup) 

Afternoon meal: 

Cooked meat or fish ( 50 to 70 grams) 

Egg (1) 

Vegetable salad (½ cup) 

Cooked vegetables (½ to 1 cup) 


Low calorie and sugar-free sweets 

Peanut butter (1-2 tablespoons) 

Wheat pasta ( 1 cup) 

Low-fat dairy (½ cup) 

Sweet potatoes ( 1 or 2) 


Brown rice (1 cup) 

Low-fat yogurt (¼ cup) 

Beans ( ¼ cup) 

Lean Meat (½ cup) 

Healthy fat content is seen mostly in foods such as 

Avocado, Almonds, Olives or olive oil Seeds, Cashew nuts 

Foods that gestational diabetes must avoid are: 

High sugar beverages, Adequate amount of soft drinks, Pastries, Processed foods, Alcohol, Baked and deep fry foods, More starch quantity, White rice, Honey, Cookies, Candy, French fries

If you don't follow a proper diet during your pregnancy, you might face a lot of complications that are not good for you and your baby. Some of the difficulties you will face during delivery of the baby are Baby parts getting struck, Heavy bleed, Increased risk and Uncontrolled sugar levels 

Expert Recommended tips:

Visit the hospital if you feel too exhausted 

Monitor weight regularly 

Don't take insulin on your own 

Exercise and meditate 

Don't take too much stress or pressure 

Don't skip food 

Take more nutrients and vitamins 

Take food daily at regular intervals 

Regularly check up on your sugar levels 

Get adequate/enough sleep 

Regularly move 

Each pregnancy is different, everyone has their own complications, it's very important to be regular to check up with the best obstetrics and gynecology doctors, it's a better idea to see a hospital near you that has a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach toward patients. Fortunately, Sree Manju Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Hyderabad. Get your dietetics & nutrition advice from their experienced health care practitioners. Never risk pregnancy, it's the most beautiful journey that a woman can ever experience. For proper care, our Sree Manju Hospital is always open round the clock. Come visit to enjoy motherhood, to run it smoothly and securely for you and your baby!