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Fever in Children


2022-11-02 : sreemanjuhospitals

Health equals wealth, prevention is better than cure, and every saying is never merely said. Health is not something to be taken for granted, it has its ultimate impact on overall well-being, and it supports the purpose of living. Maintaining health and checking it at regular intervals can reduce the death rate to a large extent. Most of the death cases or adverse effects of health, nowadays are due to a lack of awareness and constant monitoring of health

Even if you are health conscious, there might be some underlying risk factors that cause illness or affect wellness. Fingertip conclusions without proper diagnosis can take you no longer from a healthy way of living. Employers, home makers, occupational labourers,
everyone deals with their work-life balance, but couldn't find a space to check up on health that beholds them to survive.

Corporates have emphasized regular checkups for the health of their employees, and ministry of health and prevention government officials have taken the responsibility of implementing healthcare policies in every area of the city for the health and welfare of labor, it is not the case if everyone is aware of the facilities and acting accordingly. This urge is for the people who neglect their mandatory health checkups. Health Purpose investments are a wise choice to keep ourselves safe from life-challenging problems, finances, and taxes too. Preventive measures cost you money, but have you ever thought about the expensive treatment finances yet?

Covid-19 affected yet survived people face a lot of health problems besides taking vaccines, there are ample side effects that have been haunting along with. Obvious thing is a healthy lifestyle. The official solution is regular health checkups, nevertheless you fight for your
health and wellness to come out of this dangerous ailment breakout somewhere you got blessed with a strong immune system, maintain it by caring a bit more. Terrible health concerns that we can't foresee unless we diagnose with personalized prescriptions, some of such diseases that don't pronounce symptoms are: High blood pressure, Cancer, HIV, Heart attacks, Rheumatic heart diseases, Diabetes, Covid-19( most of people are shown asymptomatic) Hypothyroidism, Tuberculosis, Cholera and much more All these are asymptomatic illnesses that lead to sudden panic attacks or last living stages. However routine medical check-ups, scanning, and screening tests at religious intervals can

be the most effective and preventive measures for the complex effects of asymptomatic or presymptomatic diseases or illnesses However, some of the preventive measures that we can opt for besides checkups! Top 5 leading ailments that cause severity with stages forward, know about it and prevent yourself beforehand.

Covid-19 also known as coronavirus disease needs no introduction as it has been notorious for its destructive effects all over the world. It is an infectious disease caused by a virus called SARS-COV-2. Some may survive or some may not, people with
existing diseases get worse after-effects of the Covid-19 virus. It is a quickly contagious disease, it spreads through cough, saliva, splits, sneezing, speaking, singing, breathing, and touching any contaminating surfaces. Symptoms: fever, cold, cough, tiredness, loss of smell and taste, shortness of breathing, loss of speech, confusion, lack of mobility, aches, chest pain

Prevention of Covid-19/coronavirus :
● Wear a double mask
● Stay home
● Maintain social distance
● Sanitize your hands regularly
● Get preventive medicines and get vaccinated with any of the vaccinations such as
covaxin, covishield, sputnik V vaccine, Jhonson and Jhonson vaccine, Moderna
vaccine, zydus Cadila vaccine, novavax vaccine
● Anti-cocktail therapy