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Fever in Children


2022-11-02 : sreemanjuhospitals

No matter how much care we take of our children and women, they are most likely and are often too vulnerable to be attacked by Unhealthy conditions, somewhere they lack resistance power or natural body defense system or physical health compared to men. Many surveys concluded that due to the tireless work of women or due to the pregnancy concerns, or due to the risk of childbirth women face a lot of physical stress and strain which leads to several health discomforts and deformities further. When it comes to children, due to malnutrition or due to malfunctioning body organs, or due to being physically handicapped by birth, etc leads to tragic deaths of children with even zero age.

Most of the major health problems women face are cancer, gynec-related problems, birth risks, maternity problems, pregnancy, menopause, pelvic issues, pre-conception, pre-natal problems, and general trauma problems, at different stages of their life. It’s high time to take care of women’s health beforehand. Considering the above-mentioned women’s health issues, we have respective specialists for every condition of health. Here are some health care departments’ suggestions that cure women’s problems according to their issues, and also that give a glimpse of when is the right time or the condition to seek them.

Right Time to consult Gynecology Hospitals in Kukatpally : Following are the best concerns and a period that is perfect to consult obstetricians, which gives a very few chances of getting adverse the health condition for women
● During a routine Prenatal Care
● Get the consultation once a month during and after the pregnancy period
● High-risk pregnancy time
● Health check-ups after the age of 35 and above
● If you foresee any chronic health condition
● During Miscarriages, birth complications, and multiple births
● If habituated to smoking or drinking or drugs
● Placental abruptions, and sepsis condition
● Uterus detachments and ruptures
● Dystocia, and ectopic pregnancy

Women must visit a gynecologist once in a while to maintain a self-care routine, prevent diseases by early diagnosis, seeking healthy habits and supplements depending upon regular checkups, here we mentioned a few necessary times when you must consult a gynecologist for a further complication-free journey and lifestyle.

● Vulva, Pelvic, uterus, vaginal issues or discomforts
● Menopause, or menstrual-related problems
● Abnormal vulva bleeding
● Fertility concerns
● Contraceptives, conceiving problems
● Pregnancy terminations, sterilization
● Polycystic ovary syndrome and Premenstrual syndrome
● Women’s reproductive health issues, vaginal or vulva ulcers
● Thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and obesity
● Sexual-related health issues

A survey said that for every two minutes a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth, this condition is due to a lack of pre-health surveillance for themselves, so whatever may be the condition at any stage of life, consult your obstetric and gynecologists near you to get personalized care and extensive treatment.

When it comes to children's health care, we must be a bit more conscious and careful as infants/ newborns/ toddlers cannot have the capability to let us know their discomforts, so we must be aware of their signs of unhealthiness and need to be in regular observation
about their health with Pediatricians and neonatologists.

The right time to Consult Pediatricians and Neonatologists:
● Fever, vomiting, and diarrhea
● Excessive cold and respiratory infections and discomfort
● Rashes, swellings, or skin infections
● Chapped and dry mouth
● Cough, indigestion, breathing troubles
● Less urine, blood urine, or abnormal changes in urine

Most of the time, children’s unhealthy sign is fever, don't neglect to regularly check your child’s temperature and immediately go for a pediatrician if you see a degree higher than normal.

Consult a pediatrician subspecialist - neonatologist when you face the period that includes
● Low birth weight
● Infections that lead to critical Ill-infants
● Pregnancy complications
● High-risk deliveries
● Respiratory syndrome
● Neonatal seizures
● Bowel obstruction
● Neonatal jaundice
● Breathing disorders
● Birth defects
● Hypoglycemia

Besides these female reproductive problems, birth and gynec concerns, one of the common major health problems women face these days is Cancer. The topmost usual cancers seen in females are Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Skin Cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal and endometrial cancers. Although getting rid of or curing cancer is possible, it feels like a nightmare that gives depression and anxiety leading to mental health problems. Prevention, regular checkups, diagnosis, and timely treatment can only relieve us from this dreadful health problem.

The right time to consult an Oncologist for Women:Times, when women face abnormal changes, which seems unusual, must be aware enough to consult an oncologist for cancer diagnosis
● Newly formed lumps in the breast or near the underarm area
● Abnormal nipple pain or around the nipple swelling
● Swelling of the breast and irritation in the breast area
● Abnormal bleeding between periods
● Unusual bleeding after intercourse
● Vaginal discharge with blood and a stinking strong odor
● Pelvic or vulva pains
● Fatigue, cough bleeding, unhealing sores
● Breathing issues, bowel changes

However remember that these are not only the symptoms you see, we have mentioned the most possible and visible symptoms.
Children mostly suffer from cancer called leukemia, followed by brain tumors, bone cancer, skin cancer, Wilms tumor, spinal cord tumors, neuroblastoma, etc. Get personalized diagnosis and treatment for your child, visit the children’s hospital near you to prevent
getting the issue's adverse condition.

The ultimate goal is Health, no matter how much you stick to regular checkups and prevention. A healthy lifestyle is never apart from some of the habits that we practice religiously. Before you hit women's and children's hospitals or other medical centers make
sure you live life with healthy resolutions.

Some of the best health tips for women's health care:

Maintain a Balanced Healthy Diet: Balanced diet is never complete without fruits and vegetables, pulses, grains, natural spices, milk, meat, egg, fish, and nuts are must-have list in your daily intake. These foods in turn provide ample nutrients, protein, and vitamins that are needed to maintain a strong immune system and good health condition.

Yoga/Meditation & Exercise: Either of them helps more than you think, keeping both body and mind fit and healthy. A woman in her life goes through a lot, sometimes leading a strenuous life, a break from stress, to reduce anxiety and positive mental health. She must
need 30 minutes of yoga or medication, sometimes both. To reduce post-pregnancy obesity,heart-related issues, diabetes, etc other such ailments must involve in everyday core exercises

Good night's sleep: Enough sleep is what most of the ignore take for granted, but this leads to a bad lifestyle resulting in hormonal imbalances there which affect the menstrual cycle too. It is important to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep

Get rid of bad addictions: If you are a woman, who is habituated to drinking, smoking, or to another drug intake. Go for a rehabilitation center to get rid out of the habits as soon as possible it’s costing your life and that's a proven reason for healthy illness

Annual health checkup: No matter how healthy you seem to yourself, get an annual full-body health checkup which might, fortunately, show you underlying diseases. This is the best way to prevent yourself from serious ailments

Women's Sexual Health: Women need to maintain sexual health in order to avoid further complications and also make sure to fulfill sex-life, which needs to be discussed some that are mandatory. Must self-observe your vulva problems, low response, difficult orgasm reach, etc? Need to consider every single problem related to the sexual course and need to be checked up regularly. If that is to be discussed with a partner, speak out with no hesitation.

Some of the Best Effective Child Health Care Tips:
Proper handling of babies: Surroundings around babies must be clean and hygienic enough to prevent babies from
getting infected easily. Wash your hands before you touch infants, give proper support over their neck and body to avoid any dislocation of their sensitive bones and muscles, and always be gentle while playing with them.

The ultimate care should be taken regarding healthy Skin concerns of infants as skin does a lot more damage to infants. Don't get your child exposed to overheating and too-cold conditions. Never use cosmetics and chemical-based products on them. Dress them well to
prevent outside dust and impurities.

Children need to be vaccinated fo