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A large proportion of the world suffers from various Neuro related problems. Based on some imponderables, there is a positive yes to reducing acute nervous problems to a great extent. Nerve-related problems can be dealt with by a specialist, in medical terminology, a
Neurologist, neurology is a study of the Neuro system, which is a complex system interlinked and interrelated from head to toe overall functions. From vision to speech, walking to sleeping, every part of our body, and every activity of our body is organized by the nervous
system. It comprises the most vital organs of the human body; they are the brain, muscles, all peripheral nerves of the body, and the spinal cord.

Factors That Cause Neurological Problems :

There are many factors that cause neurological illness they might be genetic disorders, infections, abnormalities, environmental change, malnutrition, road accident injuries such as spinal, nerve, or brain injury, and unhealthy habits

Symptoms of neurological disorders or problems:
There exist several symptoms of neurological disorders Some of them we mentioned here to help you out so that whenever you face such signs, you can immediately seek a neurologist for early detection Because understanding the condition of the normal functioning of a body is crucial we need to give constant awareness to our health. However several neurological diseases have
therapies and medication, with no exact cure. So be attentive while you have these symptoms to ensure you get the care beforehand

Headache: Most common problem, yet needs to get checked for, if the problem persists
Stroke: Sudden is a sudden attack yet formed by a blood clot where the blood stops and sticks to a particular place blocking the flow to the brain. In that condition, we observe vision blur, sudden weakness, and other such symptoms.
Partial/complete Paralysis: Facing inability in moving muscles or complete loss the ability or functioning of muscles Numbness: loss of sensation, burning and pain feels all over the body or feels stiff and stuck on only one side

Sensory problems: Loss of speech, loss of vision, touch etc are some of the serious symptoms
Parkinson's disease: One can observe abnormal changes in walking, gestures, facial expressions, postures,
cognitive disorders etc.

Alzheimer’s disease: Unobserved memory loss, subjects to forget every single Crucial thing of daily life, chores,
forgetting checklists of activities, which is not normal, besides age
Epilepsy: Unexplainable confusion, stiff muscles, numbness, fear, kind of sudden Jerks from arms and legs
Seizure: Seizure condition involves loss of consciousness, breathing problems, extreme

Neuro-Mental Health Problems: All that we know is Neuro related problems affect brain functioning, some of the mental
health problems caused by Neuropsychiatric disorders are Bipolar, Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, panic, psychosis

Neuro-Behavioural Health Problems: Some things, some kind of abnormal behaviors of people should not be ignored, there are
also, some behavioral problems caused by the dysfunctioning of the nervous system are, Temperament(anger), Grief, Trauma, cognitive, female-centric or specific behavior, and other neurological problems.

Neuro-related problems: Most common yet survived through some of the serious Neuro problems are cerebrovascular
disease, dementia, tetanus, epilepsy, and cognitive impairment

Normal Therapies: Advising of a lifestyle change, suggesting Physiotherapy treatments, medication, etc

Cognitive Therapy Treatment: This kind of therapy is done with regular sittings with the neurologist, he/she observes the patient's reorientation, behavior, disabilities, thought process, anxiety states, and interests, just like a talk therapy

Inpatient/Outpatient Neurological treatment: Intensive care for patients to lead a healthy and balanced life

Neurological rehab treatment: A series of curative therapeutic treatments for a specific period for brain injuries and strokes

Stimulating Treatments: Spinal cord and deep brain stimulation.

Neuro surgeries: Neurosurgeons perform Spinal related surgery and brain-related surgery

Preventive Measures: Epilepsy, brain disorders, and tumors are usually not preventable, yet there are some of neurological diseases that are proven to be preventable and healed with precautions and the right access to health care, lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, right medical treatment regulating social stability, and remote health care camps, all these can improve lives.

Proper Food: Foods to inhibit or prevent neuro weakness or to improve neuro system health are Green Leafy vegetables, vitamins B,C E, fish, and avocados. Eggs, almonds, dark chocolate, salmon, pumpkin seeds, nuts, broccoli,

Exercise: To strengthen heart muscles, reduce bad cholesterol, for excellent blood circulation, to reduce depression, and stress, and maintain blood sugar levels, exercise is a must-maintained activity irrespective of age. If one finds doing exercises can involve in swimming, daily walking, skipping, biking, running or tennis, etc.

Seek Regular doctor consultations: Any discomfort must occur due to a particular cause, there is nothing that comes for normal.
So it's important to get frequent checkups with your physician.

To prevent neuro stroke: Maintain weight management, and strive for a healthy weight gain or loss. Timely seek doctor's advice. Listen to your body signs, avoid alcohol and smoking

Meditate/Yoga: To relieve yourself or to control your emotions indulge yourself in deep relaxation in the form of meditation or Yoga, and practice meditation if you aren’t aware of it.

Massage: Indulge yourself in an ayurvedic deep body massage by experts to relax the joints, muscles, and spinal cord.

Some of the other preventive traits: Avoid repeated works that you perform on a constant basis, and set right your spinal cord
position while working, sleeping, and walking. Take adequate rest even on a busy day and find yourself time for regular breaks. Do breathing exercises, calm up your mind and body, and once in a while give your body an ice pack massage, to relax the muscles and improve the blood flow

For advanced curative care, Intensive medication, vigilant surveillance, latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment from a specialized department of neurology, choose these qualities and spot the best neurology hospital near you.

This information is to let you acknowledge the seriousness of neurological disorders and to create awareness among the public of every generation. Hope this guide helps you know a summary of Neuro related problems and their treatments, however, if you are one among the suffering population, take care of yourself by Consulting the best neurologists in Hyderabad from Sree Manju Hospitals for various
kinds of neurological problems. Sree Manju Hospitals also have the best team of top pediatric
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